As a working student, you will work with us alongside your studies in an area that is relevant to your later career entry and thus get to know the so important and indispensable practice alongside the theory. This valuable addition to your studies gives you orientation for your later professional life.

More than 20% of our engineers started with us during their studies, either as interns or working students. This is, understandably, on the one hand the greatest motivating factor for us to train you intensively and to support and promote you throughout your work at our company, but also a sign to you that a student trainee or internship can be the first step towards a successful career at Möhler + Partner Ingenieure AG. In addition, your remuneration will be based on your previous knowledge and any degrees you may already have obtained.


We are always open and interested in motivated and committed students. Send us your informative application documents and your preferred location to