Modern buildings should be bright and inviting and allow an almost unlimited view to the outside. In practice, this is implemented by means of large window areas or shiny facades. The larger the window area, the greater the energy input from the sun, which leads to interior heating.

What is desirable in winter, however, can lead to unpleasant heat in summer. It is therefore important to plan the right sun protection measures in order to use the energy input in winter and at the same time provide a pleasant indoor climate in summer.

Our Scope of Services

  • Identification of the affected rooms during summer
  • Standardized verification by means of table method or thermal-dynamic simulation
  • Optimization of window area proportion, energy transmittance (g-value), sun protection devices and air exchange
  • Expert opinion for sustainability certification – thermal insulation for summer (for DGNB, BNB, LEED, BREEAM)

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