Obtaining permits plays a central role in individual projects. Possible noise conflicts can be identified at an early stage and avoided by taking technical or organizational measures in advance:
Acoustic assessment within the framework of permit procedures
Consultation in the planning and refurbishment of noise control systems
Measurements for initial appraisal and acceptance measurements according to BImSchG.
Measurement of noise emissions from wind power plants
Continuous monitoring measurements of noise emitters with event recognition using sound and image recordings
Planning, limitation and monitoring of public address systems from the perspective of noise protection

In the field of urban land-use planning we identify and manage noise conflicts. In addition, we assist you with weighing up various interests, with coordination or preliminary coordination with supervisory authorities and the drawing up of text proposals for statutes and justifications for development plans.

We prepare expert opinions on sound engineering for

  • acoustic compatibility within the framework of preparatory urban land-use planning (land use plan, framework plan)
  • noise immissions from industrial plants, sports and leisure facilities and traffic,

concepts for

  • planning management of noise conflicts
  • avoidance of noise conflicts related to plants through noise quotas,

contributions to

  • environmental testing related to sound, vibrations and electromagnetic fields,

sound and vibration engineering advice for

  • urban planning competitions

Our Scope of Services

  • Preparation of noise immission and conflict plans
  • Interdisciplinary noise reduction concepts for action planning
  • Mediation for noise reduction issues between affected people, authorities and specialist planners
  • To carry out the above-mentioned services, we naturally work with extensive state-of-the-art measurement technology as well as hardware and software.

Our References

State capital Munich

  • Development plans Ratoldstr.

  • Expansion Föhringer Ring in München

  • Connection Schleißheimer Str. an A99 in München

  • Development plans Birketweg, Hirschgarten (noise, electromagnetic fields, vibrations)
  • Development plan former Thalkirchen railway station (noise, smell)
  • Development plan Knorr-Bremse (noise, electromagnetic fields, vibrations)
  • Development plan railway axis south (noise, vibrations),
  • Development plan Bajuwarenstrasse (noise)
  • Development plan Ackermannbogen (noise)
  • Development plan Aubing-Ost
  • Development plan former Funkkaserne
  • Development plan Paul-Gerhardt-Allee
  • Environmental study Olympiapark
  • Theresienhoehe
  • Messestadt Riem
  • Freiham
  • Noise reduction plans
  • Land use plan for the railway axis Main station – Laim – Pasing

City of Augsburg

  • Development plan south of Zobelstrasse
  • Development plan east of Sanderstrasse
  • Development plan freight traffic center
  • Development plan Innovationspark
  • Development plans 476/I and 476/II former Ladehoefe
  • Development plan Zimmerer-/Walterstrasse
  • Development plan former Servatiusstift
  • Development area Langenmantelstrasse

City of Dachau

  • Development plan, Obermoosschwaige
  • Development plan, Udldinger Weiher Nord
  • Development plan former MD Papiergelaende

City of Koenigsbrunn

  • Eastern suburban expansion

City of Friedberg

  • Development plan Friedberg-West Mitte
  • Development plan north of Herrgottsruhstrasse

City of Regensburg

  • Structural concept Regensburger Osten

  • Development plans Nr. 195 Logistik + Produktion

  • Development plan Doernberg-Viertel
  • Development plan Zweirad-Stadler
  • Development plan Suedliche Kremser-Strasse

City of Landshut

  • Development plan Innere Muenchner Strasse
  • Development plan Rennweg
  • Development plan Weiler Strasse

City of Freiburg i. B.

  • Development plan Auggener Weg

  • Development plan Am Lindenwäldle

  • Development plan Kleingarten Moosacher Schwarzwaldstrasse Gehrenstrasse

Gemeinde Aschheim

  • Industrial area south of Eichendorffstrasse

Gemeinde Vaterstetten

  • Development plan, southwest of the northeast bypass (noise, smell)
  • Development plan, south of the railway line (noise, vibrations)

City of Wendlingen am Neckar

  • Development plan Behr-Areal

Construction noise

  • ADAC: Monitoring of construction noise new ADAC headquarters
  • Deutsche Bahn AG: Forecast on construction noise on Loisachhang S 7, railway bridge Flintsbach
  • HVB: Measurement of construction noise for monitoring purposes “Fuenf Hoefe” in Theatinerstrasse
  • Arge Ingenieurbau subway Moosach: Forecast of construction noise for Bunzlauer Strasse starting shaft
  • Siemens AG: Measurement of building noise Siemens Hofmannstrasse site in Munich
  • Bayerische Versorgungskammer: Monitoring of construction noise Arabellastrasse Munich


  • Mail distribution center in Germering

  • Total noise assessment waste treatment plant Garching

  • Structural concept Gewerbe Regensburg Ost
  • Texas Instruments GmbH, concept for noise reduction measures at the Freising site
  • Holzwerke Pröbstl, concept for noise reduction measures in Asch
  • Jodquellen AG Bad Toelz, long-time acoustic consultation of construction and
  • extension measures of Alpamare
  • FC Augsburg expansion of junior performance center

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