is an important instrument for performing situation analyses, collecting evidence and avoiding conflicts. Enforcing and monitoring compliance with immission restrictions can bring real added value for companies and construction measures in the form of appropriate operational and construction site management, alarm chains and contingents, and in particular provide protection against claims for damage. In addition, out activities in the area of construction noise immissions focus on environment-related supervision of construction in accordance with Annex 1 of the EBA Environmental Guidelines Part VII for immission control (noise, vibrations, dust and other material immissions). Furthermore, our office regularly provides immission control officers for construction measures. Due to our practical experience with operating permanent measuring stations, some of which have been in operation for several years, including video recordings, we can offer you individual monitoring.

Our Scope of Services

  • Individual consulting, selection of an optimal monitoring concept for the respective task (from regular random measurements to continuous monitoring)
  • Setup and ongoing operation of measuring stations, real-time online monitoring, trigger thresholds and alarm messages (SMS, email) or external online access for maximum transparency
  • Provision of immission control officers in accordance with EBA Environmental Guidelines Part VII for immission control (noise, vibrations, dust and other material immissions) for the environment-related supervision of construction.
  • To perform the above-mentioned services we have several state-of-the-art measuring stations (2 to 16 channels) at our disposal.
  • Development of monitoring systems for special tasks (e.g. triangulated correlation measurements for source location)


Construction noise monitoring

  • Richard-Strauß-Str. 76 Munich
  • ADAC: Monitoring of construction noise new ADAC headquarters
  • Deutsche Bahn AG: Construction noise monitoring Loisachhang S 7, railway bridge Flintsbach
  • HVB: Measurement of construction noise for monitoring purposes “Fuenf Hoefe” in Theatinerstrasse
  • Arge Ingenieurbau subway Moosach: Measurement of construction noise for monitoring purposes at the Bunzlauer Strasse starting shaft
  • Bayerische Versorgungskammer: Several years of construction noise monitoring Arabellastrasse Munich
  • Riederwald Tunnel, Frankfurt

Construction noise forecast for the following building projects

  • 6-strip expansion A3 bei Regensburg

  • Nymphenburger Straße 64 München

  • Sonnenstraße 23 München

  • Renewal of railway bridges
  • Modernization of platforms
  • Switch and track renewal
  • Construction of ESTW plants
  • New construction of roads
  • New construction of industrial buildings
  • Construction of noise barriers
  • Slope stabilization measures
  • New construction/reconstruction of railroad crossings

Measurements during construction

  • 6-strip expansion A3 bei Regensburg

  • Preservation of evidence BAB A66 Tunnel Riederwald, Frankfurt

  • Modernization Dortmund central station
  • Modernization Heidenheim stop
  • RST Augsburg
  • Hermes Logistics center Greven
  • Railway station Kamen-Methler
  • Railway station Essen-Altenessen
  • Railway station Wetter (Ruhr)
  • New construction of Kienlesbergbruecke
  • Rehabilitation of the Bank-, Bett- and Kammereck tunnels
  • Railway station  Constance-Wollmatingen
  • Railway station Allensbach
  • Railway station Langerweh
  • Central station Aachen
  • Achen-Eilendorf stop
  • Railway station Aachen Rothe Erde
  • Track renewal Feucht – Dutzendteich
  • Demolition railway bridge Otzingen

Environment-related supervision of construction immission control/immission control officer

  • Responsible for building noise Dresdner Bahn Berlin
  • Expansion measure in the Pfaffenhofen area, PA 31 M2 of ABS Ingolstadt – Munich
  • ABS 38 Munich – Muehldorf – Freilassing, double-track expansion in the Altmuehldorf – Tuessling section, PA01 and PA02
  • Barrier-free expansion of the Munich-Lochhausen urban railway station
  • Barrier-free expansion and track plan adaptation of the Tutzing urban railway station
  • Deconstruction with gap closure at Landau railway station (planning approval)
  • Modernization Filzenexpress, BA1, modification of the railway station Steinhoering into a crossing station, line 5710 Grafing – Wasserburg
  • Modification of the railway station Wasserburg and modification (extension) of the parking capacity for traction units, line 5700 Rosenheim – Plisting
  • Building measures railway station Pocking, route 5832 Passau – Neumarkt – St. Veit

Assignments as immission control officer

  • Richard-Strauß-Str. 76 Munich
  • ABS 48
  • Wickrath stop
  • Railway bridge Etterzhausen
  • Railway bridge Irler Weg
  • RST Augsburg
  • Railroad crossing Wendlingen
  • Railway station Wetter (Ruhr)

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