Aircraft noise is perceived by the public as a pressing problem, especially in the vicinity of airports. This is reflected by the frequently formulated demands for night flight bans in particular. Noise-optimized take-off and approach routes and noise-dependent landing fees are also among the most frequently used noise reduction measures at airports.

Our Scope of Services

  • Calculation and assessment of aircraft noise for planning approval and the definition of aircraft noise zones
  • Independent measurement of aircraft noise
  • Calculation of aircraft noise immissions based on radar tracks
  • Feasibility studies and research reports
  • Execution of passive noise abatement measures
  • Review of overall noise

Our References

  • Gemeinnuetzige Umwelthaus GmbH (UNH)
  • Laermwirkungsstudie NORAH (study on “Noise-Related Annoyance, Cognition, and Health”)
  • State capital Munich
  • Schwabing Hospital, Helipad

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