Depending on how a room is used, different requirements are placed on a room’s acoustic properties and the electroacoustic properties of the loudspeakers used. While speech intelligibility is the main focus if it is used for speaking activities, reflections increase the spatial impression of a room and thus the clarity of music performances.

Our office supports you in the planning phase with the creation of a room- and electroacoustic concept in order to find optimal solutions for the intended room use.

Our Scope of Services

  • Planning of the acoustics of work, event and exhibition rooms
  • Noise reduction in production halls by deliberately influencing the reverberation time
  • Acoustic design of living, work or assembly rooms to ensure speech intelligibility and acoustic quality for people in the rooms
  • Calculation of simulations for room acoustic
  • Acoustic planning for rooms of all kinds, e.g. concert halls, churches, multipurpose halls, recording studios and meeting rooms
  • Expert opinion for sustainability certification – room acoustics/acoustic comfort (for DGNB, BNB, LEED, BREEAM)

Our References

Consulting, simulations, measurements

  • Gasteig Munich, Consulting competition on general renovation
  • Google Germany, Arnulfpark Munich, acoustic consulting
  • Google Germany, Westhof Munich, acoustic consulting
  • Juedisches Zentrum Munich, Hubert-Burda-Saal, acoustic planning and consulting
  • Kursaal Bad Aibling, consulting during renovation, metrological tests
  • Hospitalhof Stuttgart
  • Jochen Schweizer Surfwelle Luzern
  • Monitoring system of the University of Augsburg
  • Chapel St. Hedwig in Koenigsbrunn
  • Augsburg main fire station control center
  • Linde AG – Dispocenter Gablingen
  • Munich city library Giesing
  • Music school Unterfoehring, acoustic consulting
  • Mutterhaus der Barmherzigen Schwestern in Augsburg
  • Plaerrerbad Augsburg
  • Renovation of swimming pool Augsburg-Haunstetten
  • MLZ Garching
  • Reviderm
  • Brainlab
  • MYO

Planning for schools and child education facilities

  • Primary school Leibengerstrasse
  • Primary school Rosenstrasse Dillingen a. d. Donau
  • Primary school Schillerstrasse Noerdlingen
  • Primary school at the Rotes Tor Augsburg
  • Gymnasium Munich North
  • Juedisches Zentrum Munich, primary school
  • Maximiliansgymnasium Munich
  • Oskar-von-Miller-Gymnasium Munich
  • Pater-Rupert-Mayer Primary school Pullach
  • RWS/FOS/BOS Augsburg
  • Senefelder-Schule Treuchtlingen
  • Siemens AG, Interim Headquarters Neuperlach
  • Wilhelmsgymnasium Munich
  • Volks- und Musikschule Unerföhring
  • Berufsschule Ruppertstr

Room acoustics – public address systems, voice alarm systems, STI prediction and measurement

  • Atrium Kirchseeoner Strasse, renovation and sound engineering
  • Deutsches Museum, consulting for renovation and voice alarm system
  • Frankfurt am Main airport regional train station, voice alarm system, STI forecast
  • Munich Stadtmuseum, renovation and voice alarm system
  • Willibaldplatz underground station in Munich, voice alarm system, STI forecast
  • Wallfahrtskirche Tuntenhausen, renovation and sound engineering

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