Adequate daylighting of living and working spaces has a lasting positive influence on healthy living and working conditions. Adequate sun exposure is regarded as a quality feature for good planning, as it has been proven that the well-being of people is affected by direct sunlight or by a sufficient supply of daylight. Recommendations for this are given in DIN 5034.

Our Scope of Services

  • Determination of the hours of sun exposure for facades and evaluation according to DIN 5034
  • Determination of the daylight quotient of the individual rooms and evaluation according to DIN 5034
  • Consultation during planning
  • Preparation of expert opinions within the scope of approval procedures or in case of conflict

Our References

Sun exposure

  • Sun exposure study Franz-Joseph-Strasse, Munich – neighborhood survey
  • Shading estimation Offenbachstrasse, Munich – deviation from development plan
  • Lighting and shading study, residential park in Brahmstrasse, Augsburg – Haunstetten
  • Sun exposure study, redensification at Innsbrucker Strasse, Augsburg
  • Sun exposure study, new construction of residential complex Reesepark II, Augsburg-Kriegshaber

Daylight factors

  • Lighting study residential park Augsburg Haunstetten – accompanying planning

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