In the case of spatial planning, i.e. in particular for new construction and expansion measures, the law stipulates that harmful environmental impacts on residential and other areas in need of protection must be avoided.

The legal definition of when a harmful environmental impact exists is set out in the Ordinance on Air Quality Standards and Emission Ceilings (39th BImSchV), which is based on European directives.

Air pollution control plans contain measures that are meant to ensure compliance with the immission limits. In the case of spatial planning (development plan, planning approval procedures and feasibility studies), however, the issues related to of air pollutant loads must also be investigated and measures must be proposed that lead to compliance with the thresholds.

Air pollutants from traffic and agriculture also lead to nitrogen deposition (ammonia, nitrogen oxides, etc.), which can reduce species/plant diversity for nature reserves. In this case, the effects on protected areas (especially FFH areas) must be presented and evaluated when planning new roads or expansions.

Our Scope of Services

  • Calculate and assess the effects of air pollutants on the surrounding areas in need of protection (39th BImSchV, TA Luft)
  • Calculations of microscale dispersion for small-scale urban traffic-related planned developments
  • Screening calculations for large urban areas
  • Performance of air immission measurements, especially of particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5) and nitrogen oxides
  • Nitrogen deposition calculations for traffic-related air pollutants
  • Proposal of measures to protect against air pollutants and proof of their effectiveness with calculations


State capital Munich

  • Integrated structural concept for the north-east of Munich
  • Development plan no. 2088, former Osram site
  • Development plan no. 2087, bus depot Georg-Brauchle-Ring
  • Development plan no. 2108, Ratoldstrasse
  • Building project Josef-Felder-Strasse, Pasing
  • Traffic planning in the north of Munich, additional connection to A99/A92
  • Development plan no. 2113 at Freisinger Landstrasse

City of Landshut

  • Development plan no. 09-49-2 “Between Innerer Muenchner Strasse and Wittstrasse”
  • Development plan no. 02-11-4 “Rennweg, Luitpoldstrasse”

City of Dachau

  • Development plan no. 139/06, industrial area Schleissheimer Kanal

Stadt Rüsselsheim

  • Development plan no. 144 „Motorworld Manufaktur Ruesselsheim“

Stadt Freiburg

  • Project-related Development plan „3rd change of the 2nd partial development plan airfield for Neue Messe and Gruene Mitte“

Stadt Neuburg a.d.Donau

  • Building project St2035 – Neuburg bypass with 2nd Danube bridge

Stadt Augsburg

  • West bypass Augsburg – OD Stadtbergen, supplementary noise protection Stadtbergen area Bismarckstrasse

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