Our team has been shaping state-of-the-are research for many years. In cooperation with universities and other disciplines such as social science and medicine, we research numerous areas of acoustics, noise impact and vibrations.

In particular, we focus on the subjective effects of traffic noise, especially road and rail traffic. By interviewing the people affected by noise, threshold and reference values are determined and analyzed in comparison with measurements of the noise exposure “in the field”. If this is not possible in the field, laboratory tests enable a fair realization, which is shown by our investigations of dose-effect relationships at the Chair of Mensch-Maschine-Kommunikation in Munich.

A further focus of our research work is purely technically oriented investigations of noise emissions generated by parking lots, railways and trams, prediction models for vibrations that we have developed, and varied work in standards committees on acoustics. Among other things, our office is significantly involved in the updating of the guideline for calculating noise emissions generated by railways.

The results of our research and development work are published in numerous specialist publications and lectures.

Our Scope of Services

  • Vibrations: Forecast models for rail traffic
  • Noise impact research: field and laboratory studies, survey on the disturbance caused by aircraft noise, rail and road traffic noise
  • Updating of the fundamental study on parking lot noise
  • Updating of Schall 03 with measurements, calculations and writing of texts
  • Participation in standards committees
  • Low-frequency noise in residential environments (Broschüre vom Umwelt Bundesamt)
  • Infrasound: Noise impact of infrasound immissions


Bayerisches Landesamt fuer Umweltschutz

  • Study of parking lot noise
  • Sound emissions from light railways
  • Speed limits on motorways

Bundesanstalt fuer Strassenwesen (BASt)

  • Research project method for determining the efficiency of active and passive noise protection
  • Database of exemplary noise situations including meteorological data
  • Relationship between reduced noise limits and in-use noise emissions in different traffic situations

Bundesministerium fuer Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung

  • Noise emissions from trams
  • Updating the noise calculation regulations for noise remediation and noise prevention related to railways

DB Netz AG

  • Noise reduction measures for curve noise in shunting yards
  • Metrological – analytical method for vibration prediction
  • Updating of Schall 03
  • KP II measures
  • Effect measurements for innovative noise abatement measures within the scope of the special program I-LENA in Langenbach

Eisenbahn Bundesamt

  • EU – Environmental Noise Directive VBUSCH
  • Support for the implementation of the CNOSSOS-EU procedure
  • Evaluation of noise remediation

Gemeinnuetzige Umwelthaus GmbH

  • Implementation of the noise impact study NORAH
    Noise-Related Annoyance, cognition and Health study


  • Technical and scientific support during the translation of the EU Environmental Noise Directive into national law
  • Test tasks for the quality assurance of sound immission software
  • Literature review on the state-of-the-art of research on the distinction of annoyance caused by road – rail
  • Feasibility study on the effect of infrasound
  • Model for evaluating total noise
  • Verification of noise emissions from motorcycles in real traffic

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