In your office, you want to work without disturbances and with utmost concentration. In your home, you want to be able to sleep in peace even if music is playing next door, or if there is a street below your window. In your hotel room, the noise of the ventilation system or sanitary facilities disturbs you.

All of these examples are related to noise abatement and building acoustics. We are pleased to support you with responsibly planning and implementing noise abatement measures that are appropriate for your usage and comply with the requirements of DIN 4109 and VDI 4100.

Our Scope of our Services

  • Advice on appropriate sound insulation targets for residential and non-residential buildings
  • Preparation of the public-legal sound insulation proof according to DIN 4109
  • Acoustic design concepts for construction and choice of materials
  • Advice and planning for all questions related to external noise protection
  • Sound insulation of ventilation and sanitary installations
  • Structure-borne, sound-decoupled installation of building services equipment
  • Building acoustic measurements as a certified VMPA measuring point (e.g. airborne and impact sound insulation, installation noise)
  • Expert opinions for sustainability certification – building acoustics/noise abatement (for DGNB, BNB, LEED, BREEAM)

Our References

Administration and office construction

  • Landeskirchenamt Evangelisch-Lutherische Landeskirche Bayern
  • Brainlab-Tower Munich-Riem
  • Ambigon Munich
  • KontorHaus Arnulfpark MK3
  • Office and commercial building MY.O
  • Bavarian state parliament basement renovation
  • Google Arnulfpost Munich

Residential and commercial construction

  • Fuenf Hoefe Munich
  • The Seven Muellerstrasse
  • Schwabinger Tor
  • Alte Akademie Munich
  • Beethovenpark, Augsburg
  • Freiham MK2(1) und MK2(2)

Subsidized housing construction

  • Schenckendorffstrasse
  • Carl-Wery-Strasse
  • Residential area Funkkaserne
  • Rehabilitation of Passauer Strasse
  • Passive houses Piusplatz
  • Deisenhofenerstrasse with central library, nursery
  • Residential Building South Oberwiesenfeld Munich


  • Senefelder-Schule Treuchtlingen
  • Pater-Rupert-Mayer-Grundschule Pullach
  • Gymnasium Munich North
  • Grundschule Leibengerstrasse
  • Wilhelmsgymnasium
  • Volks- und Musikschule Unterföhring
  • Berufsschule Ruppertstr.
  • Steinparkschulen Freising
  • Gymnasium Kirchheim
  • Grundschule am Wald Taufkirchen
  • Erasmus-Grasser-Gymnasium München


  • VOLT Berlin-Center
  • IBIS Berg-am-Laim-Strasse in Munich
  • Star Inn Saarbruecken
  • Hyatt Andaz Munich
  • Pasinger Marienplatz
  • Kammgarnquartier, Augsburg
  • Hotel Malerwinkel

Construction of hospitals and institutes

  • MLZ Garching, TUM
  • Kinderpalliativzentrum Grosshadern
  • Rehabilitation measures Klinikum Grosshadern
  • Max-Planck-Institut fuer Physik
  • Institut fuer Zoonosen of LMU
  • Renovation and extension of Klinikum Bogenhausen
  • Teaching hospital Erlangen TRC-4
  • MLZ Garching
  • Reviderm
  • Brainlab

Commercial and industrial construction

  • Technical Operations Center Schragenhofstrasse
  • Reviderm
  • Geovol – Geothermal energy


  • Juedisches Museum am St. Jakobsplatz
  • Deutsches Museum, renovation of the specialist departments – acoustics planning
  • Munich City Museum

Stations, simulations for speech intelligibility

  • Regional train station Frankfurt
  • Subway station Willibaldstraße
  • Subway station Am Knie
  • Subway station Pasing
  • Subway station Martinsried

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