Road traffic noise is by far the most frequently cited cause of noise complaints in Germany. Despite enormous progress in noise reduction, particularly in the case of trucks, the increasing volume of traffic has partially neutralized the successes in reducing vehicle noise. For this reason, for some years, noise reduction measures have focused on low-noise road surfaces, which are increasingly being used in inner-city areas. But also innovative and holistic aspects of stabilizing the traffic flow or avoiding traffic through alternative means of transport (public transport, bicycle) are increasingly being considered in noise action plans.

Our Scope of Services

  • Feasibility studies and basic research on road traffic noise
  • Calculation and assessment of traffic noise for preliminary planning, planning approval and implementation
  • Forecasting and monitoring of construction-related noise and vibrations during road construction measures
  • Execution of passive noise abatement measures
  • Review of overall noise
  • Measurements of different road surfaces according to the methods set out in GEStrO-92 and DIN EN 11819-1
  • Independent measurement of road traffic immissions and traffic volume counts

Our References

Autobahn headquarters Suedbayern

  • A3: Regensburg autobahn junction Regensburg – Rosenhof
  • A8 East: Rosenheim to Achenmuehle, Bergen, Reichhausen-Vogling
  • A8 West: Dasing – Augsburg-West
  • A9: Munich Freimann – Garching
  • A92: Feldmoching – Neufahrn
  • A99: Munich East beltway

Autobahn headquarters Nordbayern

  • A3: Aschaffenburg – Hoesbach

State capital Munich

  • Mittlerer Ring South-West
  • Noise map Munich (2005)
  • North bypass Pasing
  • Staeblistrasse
  • Connection Schleissheimer Strasse to A 99

City of Augsburg

  • B 17 – West bypass Augsburg,
  • East bypass Augsburg – AIC 25 new
  • Reconstruction Koenigsplatz

City of Regensburg

  • Extension of Nordgaustrasse, passive noise abatement

Staatliches Bauamt Freising

  • B388 a Ismaning
  • B 301 North-East bypass Freising
  • Foehringer Ring 2-lane extension, Munich

Staatliches Bauamt Augsburg

  • B 17 Stadtbergen
  • B 300 Dasing – Aichach
  • B 300 Diedorf
  • B 25 Balgheim

Staatliches Bauamt Landshut

  • B 20 Landau a. d. Isar
  • B 15 Ergolding

Staatliches Bauamt Passau

  • B 20 Eggenfelden

Staatliches Bauamt Traunstein

  • B 20 Laufen

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