When designing and redesigning buildings…

…the noise level inside and outside is of concern. Acoustics and audibility matter as soon as communication and sound are important. Due to increasing density, sound insulation against outside noise is a basic requirement for high living quality and good working conditions. Inside buildings, sound insulation is a prerequisite for a conflict-free community. And in the working environment, economic solutions must be found to ensure confidentiality and avoid disturbing colleagues. Good room acoustic equipment is key to the learning success of our children and work in open-plan offices is significantly influenced by a good acoustic environment. Good room acoustics are also of great importance in all areas where people communicate or where speech and music performances take place.

Do you want to provide the users of your buildings with…

…comfort and a high degree of well-being while optimizing costs and saving energy? To achieve this, it is essential that the aspects related to thermal building physics are considered at a very early planning stage.
Compliance with the German Building Energy Act (GEG), as well as a deliberately optimized use of the building, requires an early inspection of the building envelope and how it interacts with the technical building equipment and with advanced sustainable energy concepts.

Moisture protection plays an important role, specially in existing buildings and in the protection of historical monuments, but also in new buildings. Condensation can cause damage, such as mold and mildew stains. To construct a damage-free and hygienically safe building, it is therefore important to evaluate and optimize the moisture behavior of the building in addition to energy efficiency.

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