Vibrations can be caused by land-based transport (e.g. road, rail), construction work, blasting and commercial or industrial facilities, etc.

To provide protection against vibrations, reference and standard values are defined in particular for the effects on structural installations or on people in buildings. Within the scope of immission control, vibration tests are required by the authorities.

Our Scope of Services

  • In the case of specific issues, we investigate the origin, propagation and effects of vibrations and the resulting secondary airborne sound or structure-borne sound.

Möhler und Partner is officially recognized by the Bavarian State Office for Environmental Protection as a body for the determination of emissions and immissions of vibrations according to §§ 26, 28 BImSchG.

  • Metrological investigations and assessments of
    vibrations and secondary airborne sound

in conjunction with
preservation of evidence measurements
accompanying measurements during construction measures
verification measurements after the construction
building monitoring (supervision of construction measures)

  • FEM simulations in structural dynamics and vibration protection
  • Forecast of future vibration and secondary airborne noise impacts
  • Conception of measures for insulation or damping of vibrations
  • Preparation of independent expert opinions

Our References

State capital Munich

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  • Upgraded line Ingolstadt – Munich
  • Upgraded line Munich – Muehldorf – Freilassing
  • Upgraded line Nuremberg – Forchheim
  • Upgraded line Oberhausen – Emmerich
  • Vibration monitoring slope rehabilitation Wolfratshausen

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Bayerische Versorgungskammer

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Stadtwerke Augsburg

  • Hydropower plant at the high discharge

Community Hohenfurch

  • Development plan Moosfeld

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